I’ve read Dune recently (not for the first time). Anyway, the book was great, so I decided to draw a picture of one of the Fremen from the book. This is actually supposed to be a specific character from the book, but I’m not telling which one. Have some mystery in your life.

Below, you can see some of the work in progress stages of the same.

You can find a larger version of this picture on Deviantart.




Dune_Work in progress 1


Dune_Work in progress 2


What I’m working on – a large city drawing (part II)

In my last post I was describing how I started drawing a large picture of a city landscape and I promised to report on my progress.

And then, Christmas happened, so I didn’t get to drawing as much as I would want. With all the family gatherings, visits, meeting old friends, eating more food than necessary, wrapping presents, unwrapping presents, watching movies, relaxing, resting and sleeping, one can hardly find time to do anything else. But I managed to draw anyway, so here is the progress.

On the pictures below, you can see two stages of the drawing I have done in the past  days (I am too lazy to count the days but it was more than a week). I must admit I am quite slow, because I am not used to colours much and I am drowning in all the details.

So far, the worst part of the drawing were definitely the cars on the highway on the right. Not the windows, but the cars. And this is bad news because in the left bottom corner of the drawing, there is a large carpark full of cars. If I draw a city again in future, I must avoid the stupid vehicles, there are too many of them!


Epic city coloured pencil drawing – phase 1


Epic city coloured pencil drawing – phase 2