A new success

I haven’t written a new blog post in ages, but I think it’s time to boast about myself again.

The big news is that my illustration was used as a cover page of proceedings of a scientific conference held in Japan.
So, after illustrating two children’s books published in US, I now have an illustration published in Asia. What is it like to be an intercontinental celebrity, I almost hear you ask. Well, it’s nice. I can recommend. 😀

Anyway, back to this last illustration. It was a great opportunity to do something I have never done before (and I hope it was not the last time). The main person I have to thank for this opportunity is Hafeez Basha, vice president of the conference, who I know through my friend Yasuo.

Below, you can see the cover of the publication (I only did the picture for the front cover). Under that, there is a photo from the inauguration of the conference. And at the bottom, there is a confusing gif picture showing how I did the illustration layer by layer.



My illustration on the front cover


The inauguration of the conference


Making the illustration layer by layer