It’s been ages since the last blog post, but it took me a long time to finish the newest drawing. It’s a drawing of Tokyo Shinjuku based on a great photo by guen-k.

It took me so horribly long because it’s a city landscape (I need to stop drawing these, the rows of background buildings are horrible to make). The drawing is much lighter than the reference photo, but I think it still looks ok.

Anyway, you can find more similar stuff on my DeviantArt profile or on this website, so, feel free to look there. And feel free to comment here or on DA.



What I’m working on – a large city drawing (part IV)

Welcome to another of my random progress reports. If you remember the big city picture from my last blog post, you can see that I moved to the left part with the horrible car park. As I predicted, the cars are annoying to draw, I think I am building deep hatred for cars in me. I’ll have to draw a few meadows to get over it after I finish with the city.

The most of the foreground is done now, which means I can start working on the middleground. It might be a bit challenging. There are lots of small buildings in the back with no details. I don’t think I have ever drawn anything like that with coloured pencils. But maybe I am great at it, I won’t find out until I try?

By the way, you may have noticed (or maybe you haven’t) that the pictures I put here look a little light, dull and not very colorful. That’s because it’s just photos of the drawing, I didn’t do anything more to it on the computer. In the end, it’ll need fixing the contrasts a little.

That’s all for today’s report.



Drawing of the city – part IV 

What I’m working on – a large city drawing (part II)

In my last post I was describing how I started drawing a large picture of a city landscape and I promised to report on my progress.

And then, Christmas happened, so I didn’t get to drawing as much as I would want. With all the family gatherings, visits, meeting old friends, eating more food than necessary, wrapping presents, unwrapping presents, watching movies, relaxing, resting and sleeping, one can hardly find time to do anything else. But I managed to draw anyway, so here is the progress.

On the pictures below, you can see two stages of the drawing I have done in the past  days (I am too lazy to count the days but it was more than a week). I must admit I am quite slow, because I am not used to colours much and I am drowning in all the details.

So far, the worst part of the drawing were definitely the cars on the highway on the right. Not the windows, but the cars. And this is bad news because in the left bottom corner of the drawing, there is a large carpark full of cars. If I draw a city again in future, I must avoid the stupid vehicles, there are too many of them!


Epic city coloured pencil drawing – phase 1


Epic city coloured pencil drawing – phase 2

What I’ve been working on – Lost City

I have recently realized, that I enjoy drawing but I also like experimenting with animation. I most enjoy drawing backgrounds, like landscapes or cities. Problem is, that there are billions of landscape drawings/paintings that I find much better than mine, which makes me feel bad and deeply unoriginal. And I’d like to make something slightly different. So I though I might try to do one of my landscape pictures and add a little animation to it, make a little gif picture, or even add sound, make a video and put it to YouTube. Putting something on YouTube is a great idea. If I put the picture on my website, only very few people will see it. Putting it on YouTube means that millions of people from all over the world will have the opportunity to ignore it, which makes me feel much better.

Anyway, Lost City. At first, I just wanted to draw a very detailed picture of a city with pencil, and then ink it. The idea was, that it would be very detailed and that it would look great (that’s always the idea, rarely the result). When I finished with the pencil version, I realized I may have gone too far with the details in pencil, considering I would ink the picture and erase all the pencil. I’ve changed my mind and decided to keep the pencil lines and add colors to it in computer.

After doing part of the coloring, I have come up with the idea for adding animation to the picture. My idea for the animation is, that the picture is black and white. Then, a wizard appears on one of the roofs (it’s a city, there are roofs), does some magical stuff and brings color to the whole thing. It’s quite simple, doesn’t involve too much of the animation and it could look nice. I think. Anyway, below are the black and white version of the drawing of the city and the partly colored one. This last paragraph describes the current state of the project (if I can use such a big word as project), this is where I am now.

You can find larger version of the illustration here.



Lost City – Pencil


Lost City – Partly Colored