What I’m working on – A large city drawing

I have recently watched a few videos from a person who calls herself Veni (you can find her YouTube channel here). And her large coloured pencil drawings looked so amazing that I decided to try something similar. I usually draw on A4 size papers, which isn’t very big. So I went to the shop (I almost died there because I went there just before Christmas and everybody was buying stuff as if there were a few wars coming next month) and I bought a large notebook. Large by my standards, it’s 35 x 50 cm, 30 sheets of paper.

And because I mostly enjoy concentrating on details, I’ve decided to draw a city. Besides, drawing landscapes is always fun. It’s time consuming, but fun.

I started by googling a picture of a city, and I found one that looked nice. I have no idea what city it is, because it wasn’t written anywhere and it doesn’t have any monument that would be easy for me to identify (no Eiffel tower in the middle). It looks like it might be some American city, but I’ve never left Europe in my life, so what do I know.

Anyway, the plan is to do the huge drawing with coloured pencils (in my mind, the finished thing looks epic, we’ll se how it goes). And then, hopefully, someone will be able to tell me what city it is.

As I wrote before, I googled the photo and found it on a website with wallpapers. And the photo is below. I’ll post more updates on how I progress in the near future.




The photo of a city – reference picture




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