What I’m working on – a large city drawing (part IV)

Welcome to another of my random progress reports. If you remember the big city picture from my last blog post, you can see that I moved to the left part with the horrible car park. As I predicted, the cars are annoying to draw, I think I am building deep hatred for cars in me. I’ll have to draw a few meadows to get over it after I finish with the city.

The most of the foreground is done now, which means I can start working on the middleground. It might be a bit challenging. There are lots of small buildings in the back with no details. I don’t think I have ever drawn anything like that with coloured pencils. But maybe I am great at it, I won’t find out until I try?

By the way, you may have noticed (or maybe you haven’t) that the pictures I put here look a little light, dull and not very colorful. That’s because it’s just photos of the drawing, I didn’t do anything more to it on the computer. In the end, it’ll need fixing the contrasts a little.

That’s all for today’s report.



Drawing of the city – part IV 

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