What I’m working on – a large city drawing (part III)

I’m back with another update on my city drawing. Unfortunately, I didn’t have as much time as I’d want to work on it. After Christmas and New Year, I had to start going to work again. And spending 8 hours a day at work means less time for hobbies, obviously.

Besides that, I am working on one project now. To be more (but not at all enough) specific, it’s a drawing project.

Anyway, the city drawing. Below, you can see what I have right now and I must say I hate it already. I can see one massive problem in the drawing, that would be very hard (if not impossible) to fix at this stage. I am actually thinking of abandoning the drawing completely, leaving it unfinished. And I am not telling you what the problem of the drawing is. If you notice it, you can enjoy the drawing more, I hope.


Epic city drawing WIP

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