The forest picture – part II

Before I start talking about my new picture and how the drawing goes, I need to share some news. I have a profile/gallery on DeviantArt, I post all my finished pictures there. And a few days ago, my Shanghai city illustration got a Daily Deviation.

For those of my (non-existent) readers who don’t know what that is: a group of DeviantArt volunteers and staff (the Council of Elders) every day pick a few pictures – Daily Deviations – that they feature on the main page of DeviantArt. Getting a Daily Deviation was an unrealistic dream of mine, because the pictures that get it are really good and look very professional. So it was a surprise when my drawing got it. And thanks to that, lots of people saw my drawing and many of them liked it.

I guess I am now officially good at city landscape. 😀

Anyway, back to the robot in the forest. Despite not having as much time for drawing as I wanted (which is my usual excuse and I really need to stop repeating it), I think I managed to draw quite a lot of the foreground. Check it out on the pictures below.


Robot in the forest – II


Robot in the forest – III


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