Robot in the Forest V

The drawing with the dead robot in a forest is finally complete. I must say that it got harder and harder with time, mostly because it doesn’t look that good and it was hard to find motivation to finish the bloody thing.

Because I’m not happy about the picture, I’ve decided to criticise it heavily so that you don’t have to in the comments. The picture is boring, it’s just a brown-green mess, it looks dirty and dull. The only part I like is the tree on the right, in the foreground, I think that looks quite good. It’s not clear what is what, what is stone, what is grass, what is a tree and the background is too light.

It’s good to try new things (like drawing a forest) but sometimes, they just don’t work. I think my next picture will be something more technical again, probably a city, I’m doing ok in drawing cities.

You can see a larger version of the image on Deviantart.



Robot in the Forest

2 thoughts on “Robot in the Forest V

    1. Thanks. I did use references for the scene, I found a few pictures of rainforest. The water and the rocks are from one picture, the green trees in the foreground were from another. I still find looking for reference pictures tiring and slow, but it helps the picture a lot. Drawing from memory is quite hopeless in my case 😀

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