Pencils philosophy (and robot in the forest drawing IV)

I’m back with another of my incredibly irregular WIP reports.

You can see my progress with the “Robot in the forest” drawing below. As usual, I’m not happy about it, it looks like a green mess. On the other hand, nature itself looks like a green mess too, so it may be ok.

When the picture is finished (which should be soon), I’ll need to do some magic with contrasts in the computer, because it looks incredibly dull now. All the colours are light and everything is brown and green and blends together. Maybe drawing nature and forests isn’t my thing. 😀


Robot in the forest_IV


And now to the pencil philosophy.

I’ve noticed recently that I tend to use only a few colours in most of my drawings. I use a few colours a lot, if that makes sense. You can see the evidence on the photos below.

I have (and use) two sets of coloured pencils, Faber Castell one and a Derwent one. It’s quite sad to look at the Faber set. All the nice and happy colours on the left are almost untouched, and the dark side is overused. As Darth Vader once said, don’t underestimate the power of the dark side. But if you overestimate it, you’ll find that your dark brown pencil is getting smaller and smaller with every picture you draw.

I think I’ll need to draw something yellow now, to restore the balance in the universe.



Faber pencil set


Derwent pencil set

4 thoughts on “Pencils philosophy (and robot in the forest drawing IV)

  1. Is the rainforest dying…? Its trees seem to have almost no branches or leaves…

    1. The forest is supposed to be old and large, so the trees are very high.The idea is, that the branches are too high to be visible. Trust me, I used a few reference pictures of a rainforest and normal forest and there were very few branches 🙂

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