Barbaric drawing (part I)

After a very long time and a medium existential crisis, I’ve decided to write a new blog post.

The large drawing of the city ended quite well (you can see it here if you haven’t had the pleasure yet). It was well recieved by the general public, I had an astonishing amount of 4 positive comments on DeviantArt, containing words like “wow” or “cool”.

But, enough about the past. I am working on a new large thing now. It’s the orc from Warcraft III. I hope you’re familiar with that picture of a huge face of screaming orc. I have started working on the face and I’m using two types of coloured pencils this time: Derwent Artist and Faber-Castell Polychromos. There is going to be a lot of black space on this drawing so I also bought a few cheap black coloured pencils, there is no need to waste the fancy ones.

I have a feeling that the drawing started well. Hopefully, it will end well as well.


The orc from Warcraft III – early stage


The orc from Warcraft – a later stage







2 thoughts on “Barbaric drawing (part I)

    1. Thanks! I find it really relaxing to work on the large and very detailed drawings with coloured pencils lately. And the orc will be finished very soon, this weekend probably 🙂

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