It’s been ages since the last blog post, but it took me a long time to finish the newest drawing. It’s a drawing of Tokyo Shinjuku based on a great photo by guen-k.

It took me so horribly long because it’s a city landscape (I need to stop drawing these, the rows of background buildings are horrible to make). The drawing is much lighter than the reference photo, but I think it still looks ok.

Anyway, you can find more similar stuff on my DeviantArt profile or on this website, so, feel free to look there. And feel free to comment here or on DA.




Some time ago, I found a great photo on Flickr, it’s a photo of a landscape by dezzouk. And I decided to draw it.

I did it with coloured pencils. It looks fine on paper, but not so much in the computer. You can see the picture resting at the bottom of this post. I just gave up and did other things.

But then I realized it would be a shame to ignore such a good photo and I drew it again. This time, I used ink and black marker (COPIC 0.1 and a black COPIC marker). I think it looks much better, but feel free to compare both versions for yourself. The black and white picture took me around a week.

Far from perfect, but I am not drawing this again 😀


The Bridge – Black and White



The Bridge – Coloured version


Snow in New York

A new picture is finished. This time, I decided to do something slightly Christmasy. And you can see the result below. At first, I drew the street without the snowflakes in the air and wanted to leave it like that. But snow is snow so I added some on the computer and I think it looks better. Feel free to compare both versions and violently express your opinions in comments.

And I should mention the source of this. The reference photo I used is really great photo by Vivienne Gucwa and you can see it on Flickr.


NYC snow without the snow



NYC snow

Drawing of Mr. Hellscream

A new drawing is finished. Like many times before, I decided not to think much and just copy a picture that exists and that I like. This time, I have chosen a picture of an orc from Warcraft (and it’s not the first time, as you can see here).

Here are some technical details for nerds:

  • it’s drawn on a 35×50 cm paper, 120g
  • I used Faber-Castell Polychromos and Derwent Artist pencils
  • I was drawing this from 17/09/2015 to 1/11/2015, which is something like 1.5 months. Of not very intensive work.

It would be kind to overlook the dirt on the right side of the picture, but I think you won’t. Let’s pretend it gives the drawing a rustic and rough look and I put it there intentionally.


Finished drawing of Hellscream



Stage 1


Stage 2


Stage 3


Stage 4 with some pencils!


Stage 5


Stage 6


Stage 7




A new success

I haven’t written a new blog post in ages, but I think it’s time to boast about myself again.

The big news is that my illustration was used as a cover page of proceedings of a scientific conference held in Japan.
So, after illustrating two children’s books published in US, I now have an illustration published in Asia. What is it like to be an intercontinental celebrity, I almost hear you ask. Well, it’s nice. I can recommend. 😀

Anyway, back to this last illustration. It was a great opportunity to do something I have never done before (and I hope it was not the last time). The main person I have to thank for this opportunity is Hafeez Basha, vice president of the conference, who I know through my friend Yasuo.

Below, you can see the cover of the publication (I only did the picture for the front cover). Under that, there is a photo from the inauguration of the conference. And at the bottom, there is a confusing gif picture showing how I did the illustration layer by layer.



My illustration on the front cover


The inauguration of the conference


Making the illustration layer by layer


Elephant drawing

I continue in my series of pencil drawings of animals. I tried elephant this time. And now I’ll just flood you with pictures of different stages of drawing and hope you won’t mind.

The picture is based on a photo by asaph70.














Elephant – final drawing

In Search of Emerald Bay – the illustrations

The first real book I ever illustrated was called Into Exaltia, written by Heather Rivera. And that book now has a sequel and I illustrated that as well (so now I have illustrated two books instead of one, which makes me twice as important, right?).

The sequel is called In Search of Emerald Bay and you can buy it right now. Really, there is nothing stopping you, the rest of this post will wait for you to return from Amazon.

In total, there are 12 new illustrations (plus two cover illustrations, one normal and one small). I started drawing in December 2014 and ended in February 2015 (I never said I was fast), and I am quite happy about the drawings. As always, some of the illustrations were easier, some were harder to make. But the whole process was fun and I like the result.

And now to some pictures. The first one you can see below is the front cover of the book (I didn’t make the actual cover, I only did the illustration for it). Then there is my favorite illustration of Emerald Bay, the Library. You can see 5 stages of the illustration from first sketch to final version.

So, there it is. I enjoyed drawing the illustrations and I hope readers will enjoy the book. And my sixth sense tells me that some of you still haven’t bought the book, so, in the name of shameless advertising, I give you the link to Amazon again.


Emerald Bay



The Library – first sketch


The Library – pencil drawing


The Library – partly inked


The Library – rough scan


The Library – final illustration

Tiger drawing – BW

After all the large drawings done with coloured pencils, I’ve decided to do something smaller and relaxing.

So I did a tiger drawing only with pencil on a paper.


I used a reference photo by Civetta70 from DeviantArt. Feel free to check it out to see whether I did it right or not 😀

As always, you can find the large version of the drawing on DeviantArt. I think I’ll make a few pencils drawings like this one now, it’s quite refreshing.